Stupid Things I’ve Said This Week That I Stand By

4 Feb

“That’s not how feelings feel.”

“I don’t watch TV for the drama.”

“This would be easier if it wasn’t so hard.”

“As long as you’re alive you’re ok.”

“I don’t care if people have mismatched motives for hooking up.”

“Doesn’t he know how to do that? I mean, I don’t, but.”

“Do you think it’s even possible to win the Tour d’France without steroids? I mean, Lance won it with cancer, so.”

“I don’t watch the Bachelor. At least not alone.”

“I’ve never felt so simultaneously underqualified and overqualified at the same time.”

“I have no upper body strength and I’m scared of heights, so I figure I should take up rock climbing.”

“No, I’m not on I’m on Facebook.”

“How do you think Dave Franco feels?”


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