Facebook is terrible and my Tutu was awesome

22 Dec

My grandmother on my dad’s side was this super chatty Hawaiian woman with little white curls all over her head. It’s possible I am her, except for that whole “living through a war” “raising 4 boys” “fortitude and hard work” thing. 

So this one time she was talking to my dad, and:

Tutu: “I called Harumi today and Harumi’s daughter answers and says, Hi Mona. I said who’s this! She said, it’s Harumi’s daughter, Mona, how are you? I said, How you know who this is! And she says, we have Caller ID– it shows us who’s calling us.”

My dad: “Yeah, Mom, caller ID displays who’s calling on the phone.”

Tutu: “None of their DAMN BUSINESS who’s calling them!”

So my question is— is ANYONE charmed by Facebook’s cheeky little changeable questions in their status update field. What do you mean, “How’s it going, Maggie?” That’s MY business, you nosy little bugger. I’ll post a “let your friends know how your holidays are going” status update if I FEEL like it, I don’t need you prompting me. God, Facebook is such a creepy little son of a b police state. 


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