Dear An Ounce of Prevention Saves You from a Pound of Scrap Metal

12 Dec

I got rear-ended last night. I’m fine, thank you, and we’ll get to my car in a minute. It’s not a great story– the light turned green, the first car in line didn’t go because they were turning right and there was a pedestrian, the car behind it stopped, I stopped, the car behind me didn’t stop. We exchanged information, no one was hurt, done. 

There actually was a moment when I looked in my rearview, saw the car behind me, thought, “Oh good they’ve stopped” and then–bam. A nice clean crack and a jolt forward.

Now, she wasn’t driving a huge truck, and she wasn’t going very fast. But it made me grateful for a number of things. Like driving a very safe, sturdy car. And having insurance. And other people having insurance. And that my parents were five minutes away in one direction, my sister five minutes away in the other, and that my dad just went ahead and got in his car and drove over to check on me, and a minute later my sister’s boyfriend called, saying he was down the block and did I need help? And no one honked at us as we blocked a lane on one of the busiest streets in Seattle during rush hour. 

Back to that car thing– I drive a used luxury car, one which because they lease so often you can actually get for a pretty good price. So it’s a nice car. It’s a safe car. The girl who hit me was in a Honda Accord, which, don’t get me wrong, is a great car. But her hood buckled up over her engine and her license plate fell off. That’s how hard she hit me. My car…has some paint on it.

Drive safe out there. It’s dark early and late these days, pedestrians are hard to see– a friend of mine was just hit by a car and her leg is broken– and roads are wet. 



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