R-74, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Ellen, My 8th Grade Love Life

31 Oct

You need to watch this and then, if you’re a voter in the state of Washington, Approve R-74 :

And not just because Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are from Seattle. And not just because I dated that trombone player in 8th grade. Once he threw my shoes out the window during history class. (You had no idea I was so disruptive cool, did you?) (Congratulations, Greg– way to bring the house down!)

Mostly because “no freedom until we’re equal. Damn right I support it.”

We decided “separate but equal” wasn’t equal a long time ago. Why are we still having this conversation?

My heart gets torn by this every day– sadness that we haven’t already granted and protected basic human rights in this country, anger that a petition managed to put R-74 on the ballot after the legislation approved it, fear that it’s going to lose, and happiness that my state is here, that people are fighting for it, that now that it’s on the ballot–even though human rights should not be up for vote– we’re going to get to prove something by approving it by popular vote.

Because I really, really believe it’s going to pass and we’re going to celebrate.


One Response to “R-74, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Ellen, My 8th Grade Love Life”


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    […] Voters are still confused about Rob McKenna’s stance on R-74. He’s against it. No two ways about it. He’s also against health care, women’s […]

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