The Election is in 18 Days and Things are Getting CRAZY TENSE (on Facebook where it really matters)

19 Oct

I’ve been posting a lot of political stuff on Facebook. I can’t help it. There is so much great election coverage right now, you guys. And people need to know and if I don’t tell them who will??? 

So obviously I started wondering if I’ve been unfriended because of this.

This is totally reasonable to expect in general. And specifically, I have been warned: several people I’m friends with have posted status updates threatening to unfriend anyone who posts political things during this season.

My take on that: Sweet holy tamale, just do it already. Don’t tell me about it. Do you really think your sanctimonious rant about other people’s rants is going to make me change my behavior to cling to you as my FB friend?

My right to post what I want (and yours), your right to unfriend me (or vice versa). If you’re going to bitch about what people post on FB, for god’s sakes, start a blog already and do it over there.

It’s like people have no self-awareness or something.


[Since obviously you want to know what I’ve been reading and posting, I’ll repost those here, on this blog post about how annoying people find it when you post political things:

  • Me: “should I keep fast forwarding through this commentary?” My mom: “No! I can hear Rachel!”
  • What about those little three hole protector stickers? Binders Full of Women Tumblr 
  • He was LYING  about the BINDERS?
  • “LOLZ. Sort of. Not really. I don’t know why I said that, actually. It seemed right at the time?” — Morning After Mittens NYMag’s article Mitt Didn’t ask for ‘Binders Full of Women’ But He Should Have
  • By the way, at the end of his four years, Massachusetts was ranked 47th in job creation. He didn’t rerun for governor because he was running for the presidential nomination, sure, but also….because his approval ratings were so low his chances of re-election were slim. For details on his tax plan (LOLZ) click here.
  • If you’re voting in Washington state, and you’ve been thinking “McKenna doesn’t sound that bad…right?” then read this. He’s running a really smart campaign because he cannot win without King County. And King County does not vote for Republicans who appear to be Republicans– so his campaign is really, really misrepresenting where he stands on the issues. From The Stranger: “You may have seen those posters asking you to vote for President Obama, R-74, and Rob McKenna—McKenna opposes both President Obama and R-74—and it’s clever messaging. It is also a complete and total fucking lie. And McKenna is praying that you’re stupid enough to fall for it.” Article here. 
  • And finally, in case you thought voters weren’t being suppressed or intimidated for some reason (because this is the United States, possibly? because it’s illegal? I dunno, there’s lots of reasons you might think that)— or in case you just want to immerse yourself in Rachel Maddow’s sweet hot intellect on a Friday morning– she did a segment on the various barriers to voting currently at work in different parts of the country: watch here. 

/this message approved by Rachel Maddow’s glasses. I think I could pull them off. Do you think I could pull them off? Really sad I have good vision over here, guys. It’s not like I haven’t tried to ruin it for years by reading way too much.]


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  1. Dear Undecideds « Dear Mr. Postman - 2 November 2012

    […] PS– Voters are still confused about Rob McKenna’s stance on R-74. He’s against it. No two ways about it. He’s also against health care, women’s reproductive rights, green energy…the guy is a dyed-in-the-wool elephant gray-faced Republican: […]

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