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R-74, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Ellen, My 8th Grade Love Life

31 Oct

You need to watch this and then, if you’re a voter in the state of Washington, Approve R-74 :

And not just because Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are from Seattle. And not just because I dated that trombone player in 8th grade. Once he threw my shoes out the window during history class. (You had no idea I was so disruptive cool, did you?) (Congratulations, Greg– way to bring the house down!)

Mostly because “no freedom until we’re equal. Damn right I support it.”

We decided “separate but equal” wasn’t equal a long time ago. Why are we still having this conversation?

My heart gets torn by this every day– sadness that we haven’t already granted and protected basic human rights in this country, anger that a petition managed to put R-74 on the ballot after the legislation approved it, fear that it’s going to lose, and happiness that my state is here, that people are fighting for it, that now that it’s on the ballot–even though human rights should not be up for vote– we’re going to get to prove something by approving it by popular vote.

Because I really, really believe it’s going to pass and we’re going to celebrate.


Hurricane Sandy

29 Oct

“An extreme weather event.”

“A catastrophic storm of epic proportions.”

“Category 1 hurricane.”

C’mon, guys. Speak in a language we can all understand:

This storm is at “Anderson Cooper in a tight black shirt” level.

“You can always tell how much danger Anderson Cooper is in by how tight his clothing is. If he’s in a bulky, yellow slicker, then it’s a hurricane that’s still off shore. If he’s in a khaki vest, he’s maybe in the Green Zone in Baghdad. But if he’s in a child-size white t-shirt, bullets are flying, he’s getting punched, he’s pulling kittens out of the rubble.” –Seth Meyers, 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Remember, kids: “…if you ever see Anderson Cooper with his shirt off, turn off your television and run.”

This is what it’ll look like, so you can be prepped:



I hope someone out there is going as Pussy Riot for Halloween

26 Oct

I bet Ann Romney’s Horse Does This

24 Oct

Let’s talk about drivers who stop 20 feet back from stoplights / crosswalks.

I’ll go first.

I hate them.

Dear Sex in Brooklyn

23 Oct

Did you know there’s a sports bar called PLAN B in Brooklyn? I didn’t go in. 

That made me feel: like I would get sexually assaulted in the bathroom. 

When my friend and I were walking through the Prospect Park farmers’ market, a very well-dressed salt-and-pepper haired African-American man holding a Planned Parenthood clipboard stopped us. Individually, we probably would have each kept walking. But put us together and we got our signals crossed and hesitated and ended up listening to him talk at us for 12 minutes about PP’s contributions to society and the current threats it faces in this political climate. 

Neither of us needed to be told what’s happening in Arizona, Wisconsin, how PP is being attacked and attempts are being made to defund it across the country. Both of us follow the news pretty closely. Neither of us can contribute more than we already do. Both of us wanted to get going.

But. We really, really love Planned Parenthood. We really, really loved this man’s scarf and his animated eyebrows and dedication to the cause. We really, really, really loved it when he looked us each in the eye and said, “I’ve been working for Planned Parenthood since 2007, that’s five years, defending your reproductive rights!” 

That made me feel: like I want to only have sex with really beautiful people in lovely light.

photographs by Yulia Gorodinski 

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