Dear Olympics 2012 Will & Kate’s PDA

3 Aug

There’s a photo gallery on Yahoo Sports right now titled “Will and Kate’s Olympic PDA.”

We’re creepy, right? This is creepy?

Also hysterical?

Also why isn’t it a stop-motion movie and a hard-copy flip book yet?

What’s even more funny is I’ve actually been reading articles about this all week. Most of which end in “BABIES. ROYAL BABIES.

Like we’re some kind of baby-eating monster. Who is hungry for chubby legs. And by we I mean the US & UK. Pretty sure China doesn’t care what Will & Kate touch.

And France & Italy are laughing at us. You call that PDA? they’re chuckling. Bella, please I will show you the PD and the A.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardiem are like HAHAHAHA you think these uptight sporty children are sexy? Here, we will show you how to make a baby.

….I have no idea what sporting events are on today.

But you know what else IS ON today? Yeah. Kate’s hand on Will’s knee.



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