Dear Things That Are Blowing My Mind at My Parents’ House

24 May

1. Having more than one floor.

2. For that matter, having more than one room.

3. Let’s not even get into having more than one bathroom.

4. When you walk out the door, you’re outside. There is more than one door that leads to the outside. There is also a garage you can park in with a door that leads inside and a really big door that leads outside.

5. Print newspapers.

6. The amount of fresh bread in the house. The fully stocked fridge. Extra boxes of Kleenex waiting in the bathroom cupboard.

7. Non-quarter-operated washing machine and dryer. Dishwasher! Garbage disposal!  

8. Cable.

9. Landline.

10. Fresh milk delivery. 

Things are weird around here.



One Response to “Dear Things That Are Blowing My Mind at My Parents’ House”


  1. Dear Living at My Parents’ House Post-Graduate School: things are going to be weird around here for a while « Dear Mr. Postman - 25 May 2012

    […] As I said yesterday, things are weird around here. It’s supposed to be a bit of downtime (vacation, I supposed) but I’m already (still?) restless. But not sure which direction to move in. So I’m fidgeting. And sleeping. Fascinated and repulsed by the number of ads on live TV. […]

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