Dear “Girls”

1 May

This is why I’m not writing about “Girls”: Tom and Lorenzo have got it covered in a scant 500 words.

Also I don’t have HBO.

Frank, by the way, is in the background muttering “Thank god” and “So can you stop telling me what all the articles say already?” Because I also have a compulsive need to click-click on any analysis about “Girls.”  

Speaking of Frank, I told him we were moving to Seattle when I gave notice with my rent check this morning. He got all huffy for some reason. “You can’t decide my life! You don’t know me! …I’m a sentient being in this relationship and I demand to have a say! Yada YADA YADA yada.”

When I pointed out how much closer Seattle is to his motherland (CANADA!), Frank settled down into a steady whine. At some point I think I heard the words, Romney can’t catch me there— ? And then it just sounded like he was quietly chanting hockey-hockey-hockey-hockey-hockey under his breath for about an hour.

Now he’s making my sandwich for lunch and sorting through what to keep of the kitchen supplies and talking about how he didn’t really like “Tiny Furniture” all that much, anyway: “Can’t that Lena chick smile? I don’t think she laughed once in that movie. Sure, I like her message about embracing your own body, but…life’s just not that bad, eh? Even if your girlfriend is an evil dictator.”

God he’s a sap and a romantic.




4 Responses to “Dear “Girls””

  1. kristendoc 1 May 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    Maybe its because I’m a white, privileged girl who lives in NYC, but I seriously am loving this show. Every funny thing they say is something my friends or I say. Every stupid thing they do is something my friends or I do. It speaks to our generation, or at least my tiny tiny sector of our generation. 🙂 p.s. loving this Frank addition.

  2. MM 1 May 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    Now I’m conflating/projecting Lena/kristendoc in my mind and it’s already making me irrationally fonder of her. Like I said, I’m not watching the show. And like TLo article says, It’s ok to just like it! To think it’s funny! Their criticism is of the people writing thousands of words about it (and me reading thousands of words about it— esp when I haven’t even seen it! make it stop!)

    I’m loving Frank, too, but for god’s sakes, don’t tell him. It’ll go straight to his head and then I’ll never hear the end of it.

  3. kristendoc 2 May 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    Do you want me to tweet you some streaming links along with a kind reminder that you that you don’t have to have HBO to watch HBO anymore? #2012

    • MM 3 May 2012 at 9:42 am #

      Haha. Yes! It’s not on hulu or netflix, I don’t tend to find it. But no guarantee I’ll watch Girls. Might be one of those shows I’m happier knowing the commentary than the content.

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