Dear I Love “Texts from Hillary” and You Do Too: Here’s Why

9 Apr

Dear I Love “Texts from Hillary” and You Do Too: Here’s Why,

Because we secretly believe that every celebrity knows every other celebrity. Because when we hear that Gwyneth Paltrow is having sleepovers with Beyonce, we nod our heads. That makes sense. When completely random celebrities date each other, we’re like– Oh. That hasn’t happened yet? 

Why do Hillary fans love it? Because it unapologetically celebrates the way we see her (yes, we, have you met me?): fierce, in charge, not impressed with people who aren’t impressive, getting.things.done.

original image by Diana Walker from Time

It recasts her for people who weren’t fans– it reframes their supposed complaints that she’s “mean,” “cold,” or “unsympathetic.” Even my friend who every single time I post about her on FB comments with something about how much he dislikes her, even he posted a link to Texts from Hillary Clinton saying, “…I think these may turn me into a Hillary Clinton fan…”

He can ellipses that as if it’s accompanied by the Jaws music all he wants— I did a little dance.

This is what her campaign needed in 2008, this is what her communications director was staying awake at night trying to find: an ability to *flip* switch the nation’s view of her. The problem was, you can’t argue your way into that.

You can’t debate it. You can’t convince people by insisting, more and more loudly, your voice rising even as you try to stop yourself, I’M RELATABLE. I’m NICE.

Who cares if she’s nice! Politicians aren’t nice! They’re pirates in suits!

Why do you think Obama takes the time to fill out a NCAA bracket every year? Why do you think Americans want to have a beer with him? It’s not to visit with the leader of the Free World, the first black president of the United States, because he will undoubtedly become a historical figure that their grandchildren will read about in history books. It’s to talk sports.

Texts from Hillary does for her what Obama’s bracket does for him. (And yes, the tumblr was created by DC communications professionals, Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith.) It humanizes her. It makes her part of your daily Internet stop. You cheer at her victories. Come on, who doesn’t want to win best text zing? We basically do this when we read it:

It says, she’s not a bitch (which, yes, is still what the majority of people say when I ask them why they don’t like her): she’s busy. She’s doesn’t care one whit what Jay-Z thinks because she’s got things to fix.

This is what she needs to win in 2016. Is it inevitable that she’ll run then? I don’t think so.

But I hope so. Oh man, I hope so. We need a fighter, someone to call the shots and call the boys on their games. Someone who’ll shut it down. Get it, girl.

all googly-eyed,



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