Dear Illness

10 Mar

Dear Illness,

Because I’ve had this cold/flu/stomach flu/cold/fatigue/sneeze all week…everything’s been tasting bad. Even— nooooooo— rawr—- my coffee. The only thing that’s retained its original flavor is salt. Everything else tastes like kleenex.

I woke up at 7:20 this morning, one of those great eyes-pop-open to a beautiful day way before the alarm clock goes off. I thought, “I should get out of bed!” Then I rolled over and had a dream about eating an amazing meal with an ex’s family, in which I couldn’t decide what to order that would taste most like itself, and everyone kept getting up from the table to take their turn in the shower, and his sister put on a full-length strapless gown, which really confused me about the dress code, since his aunt was wearing a towel.

Maybe if I add salt to my coffee…..

Yes, this blog just became a taste / dream diary. WELCOME.



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