Dear New York

27 Jun

Dear New York,

Congratulations! I am terribly, extremely happy for you.

I’d like to take this moment to think of all those who finally have been given rights that were long due. I would like to take this day to extend my heartfelt congratulations and good wishes to everyone who chooses to exercise the right to get married and also to everyone who can now choose not to get married, whatever their reasons may be.

And I would like to take this exact moment on a Monday, of all days, 9:25 Pacific Time, 12:35 Eastern Time, to think of the courthouse clerks, judges, and other employees, who a month from now will be staring down the long lines and feeling their stomachs growl and wishing for their usual lunch break. I hope the smiles are directed your way. I hope you feel blessed to be a part of this. And I hope somebody remembers to give you a piece of wedding cake.

I hold all of you in my heart today. The married, the unmarried, and those facing a difficult but rewarding Monday.

If the hot dog vendors have any sense, they will abandon their usual posts and line up outside the courthouses. Can’t you just see them, waiting in a line? Can’t you just see the wedding dresses and tuxes and vests and hipster pegged pants and hats? The bicycles, the town cars, the high heels making their way down the street? The cameras snapping pictures, the bored faces, the people making friends, the rows of hard wooden benches? Don’t you wish you could be there? 45,000 gay couples live in New York State. There’s no telling how many will decide to get married, or how many of those will decide to get married on the first day…but I bet it will be enough for a party.




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