Dear Bridesmaids

14 May

Dear Bridesmaids,

I saw Bridesmaids this morning and I recommend that you see it too, it’s very funny and quite good, but then the world hurt me a little bit, in the form of my friend who I saw it with saying, “Hey, Apatow figured out how to make a movie for girls and guys: a chick flick with gross-out scenes.”  And I said, “I kind of wish they’d left those out, actually, and let it just be a movie.” And he was like, “You mean a chick flick?” And I was like, “No, a movie for everybody, just without gross-out scenes.” And he was like, “You mean a chick flick?”

I think he was being at least slightly facetious.

And then I got a little bit sad. But! It still belongs more to Kristen Wiig than it does to Apatow, I think, and it’s an excellent movie, and there are a number of articles about how seeing it will encourage Hollywood to give female-centered movies and shows a chance, so if you want to see more female comedies, maybe start by supporting this one (some articles here, here, here, and here). I think it’s a fallacy that movies centered around women need “male-type gags” like food poisoning to be funny. I don’t think women should shy away from body humor– but why not the body humor that comes natural to women, about sex and periods and cramps and breasts and lingerie and waxing and giving birth?

And– why not let female-centered comedies center around female humor, body/bawdy or not? Why do men think movies about women are not for them? First of all, don’t you have women in your lives? Maybe even women you think are funny or whose problems/characteristics/points-of-view you would enjoy seeing made funny? And women watch male-centered movies all the time– we just call them “blockbusters” instead of “dude flicks” or “douche flicks.” Isn’t good writing just good writing and aren’t good movies just good movies, irregardless of gender/sex/sexual orientation?

Anyhoodle. I hope Kristen Wiig keeps writing, I’m glad this movie exists, I like Judd Apatow, so you can just calm down and untwist your knickers. I wish Leslie Mann would write a movie. I bet she’d kill it.

And now being Kristen Wiig’s BFF is on my life to-do list, so I hope she’s cool with that. I’m not as good at doing funny voices as she is, but I’m really good at laughing and I’ve got a great over-exaggerated eye-roll that I bet she’d appreciate.




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