Dear Things I Like on the Internet

20 Mar

So. There are no words for this weekend except these: I went dancing, someone smashed my fender in a hit and run, I had my annual spring allergic reaction to alcohol, and—– brunch. Golly. Moving on.

I think this baby is probably fake. Yet SO AWESOME. Those eyes! [You Tube]

And anyone who has ever gone to Karoake with me has been petitioned to sing the song Come On, Eileen. Next time I’m going to ask someone to do this mash-up with LL Cool J instead. I think it’ll go well. (I don’t sing myself, and trust me, you like it that way.)

This is the whitest break-down of Regulate and it is so good to read. Miss you, Nate.

Most of the rest of the Internet this week is worried about Japan. Which is good and worthy, but I don’t like it. I mean— I hate disasters, not the concern we feel over them or the rescue efforts associated with them. Sending thoughts and prayers.

Quiet Sunday food and smooth jazz,



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