Dear Due Date

7 Mar

Dear Due Date,

Due Date is Thelma and Louise but with dudes.  There’s a lot more fart jokes and homoerotic behavior, which may or may not veer into homophobic terrority, but Robert Downey Jr. might pull it off.  Zach Galifianikis will look off into the distance like a basset hound, i.e. with sadness in his eyes and a droop. (Can you say emo?)

Basic premise: RDJ is going to be late for the delivery of his baby and through a completely implausible scenario a la Rat Race, he can’t just get on a damn plane and fly home.


a) it is always a good idea to base your plot off Rat Race and

b) it is HILARIOUS when men almost miss the birth of their children. Just ask my mother. (I was born during March Madness.) Women, apparently, have to be there for birthing purposes. This is why women aren’t funny. Bummer.

Have I seen it? No.

Do I want to? Maybe. I kind of love RDJ. He talks really fast…and I find that attractive. Plus I love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

ZG not that much of a selling point.  Yeah yeah Hangover way funny LOLZ but! but! basically it was that funny because we were all surprised it wasn’t one long dick joke (actually, it was, and then there was that tooth thing). It’s not going to make AFI’s top 100 any time soon. It already did? Well, aren’t you fancy.

Would my mother like this movie? No.

Will my sister: probably not, despite the fact that she thinks Rat Race is the funniest thing ever made and can’t watch it without crying. I highly recommend watching it with her if you ever have the chance.

Who will like this movie: James Franco. He’s probably in it, too. I mean, just statistically.

Spoiler: Thelma and Louise die.



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