Things I Like on the Internet

6 Mar

Howdy folks! It’s Sunday! Time for you all to look at the internet!

These recreated vintage photos are charming, beautiful, and some are most disturbing than others. The attention to detail is amazing. Just look at ’em already.

Charlie Sheen quotes as New Yorker cartoons. [Buzzfeed]

Now that we’ve all laughed, let’s think for a minute (a healthy diet is all about balance). This article on Charlie Sheen’s free pass to treat women badly (by Anna Holmes, founder of Jezebel) is really interesting and really, really dead on. So can we please all stop paying attention to him now? And also stop paying him $10,000 / twitter post? I get that we think, “oh look at the funny man haha aliens! delusions of grandeur! dance charlie!” Well…he’s got a history of domestic violence that seems pretty linked in to all his other behavior. So maybe we shouldn’t reward that. I dunno, though. Tough call. Women vs. funny twitter posts….oof. I’ll get back to you. [New York Times]

Speaking of women, this “How to be a Woman in Any Boys’ Club” essay by Molly Lambert is smart and sassy. And it’s pretty. And there are swear words.  In other words, I love it and want to have it over for dress up and cookies and then we’ll play kickball and beat that group of boys down the street who would never let me play. [Jezebel]

Famous Writer’s Writing Sheds. After looking at this, I almost asked my apartment manager if I could build a shed in the alley by the dumpsters. Then I realized that would just make me homeless. Well, maybe later. [Re-Nest]

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand my soundtrack for today:

You. Right there. Yeah, you reading this blog. You make me feel like dancing.




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