Things I Like on the Internet

27 Feb

I Like a lot of Things on the Internet this week. And I kept track of all of them. For you. You’re welcome.

I like this because the word “Muppets” is followed by the word “Explicit”— and for several other reasons too: Kanye West “Monster” Muppet Remix (Explicit Version). [YouTube]

Ohhh, that Honey Badger is Naaaaaaaasty. Learn things and laugh at the same time. Probably don’t watch it if you have a fear of eating snakes. Or if you hate funny things. [YouTube]

This 5 year old is my kind of feminist (I like all kinds, actually). Start ’em young, start ’em young! She just needs the vocabulary now. [YouTube by way of Ryan Seacrest. I know, I know, it’s FB’s fault!]

Have you guys seen this thing where Zach Galifianakis interviews somebody and makes you want to die in the process? I have a high tolerance for awkward and I wanted to die. It’s called “Between Two Ferns” and I recommend the one with Charlize Theron (and Zach Galifianakis, obvi). And now I know how to spell his name. [funny or die]

Jon Stewart’s Mother F**kers. Hey guys, maybe if Planned Parenthood is SO profitable, we should look at how they do things and apply those principles to our health care system as a whole. That would include lowering prices for patients and opening health centers in low-income areas and providing timely, efficient care for everyone who needs it, regardless of insurance. Whoa, wait, what?!? [Comedy Central]

Somebody (Rep. Weiner) is getting angry and it is SO GOOD to see! If you want less government…then keep your laws off my body. Oh hey, remember that slogan? [YouTube]

Hey guys, in the midst of bad news, good news! President Obama finally mans up and takes a GIANT leap forward toward legalizing gay marriage. Like a scoop of mint sorbet after a dinner of liver. So refreshing. [New York Times]

And now, moving on from politics! The man who inspired Moby Dick was one unlucky sonofabitch. Read this if you, like Jack Donaghy, have unresolved dreams of being an underwater explorer.

A music video! That my sister’s friend made! Congratulations, Pat Parra! [Love Bryan]

This clip of Portlandia is basically my life. Or at least, the lives of people near me. [IFC]

Unfortunately, so is this thing of The Disney Princesses as Hipsters. [NY Mag]

Chris Rock is smart smart smart and I’d like to think his theory on the Tea Partiers is correct. Please come to a stand-up venue near me, Chris Rock!

Ke$ha loves James Van Der Beek. As she should. You guys, this music video of “Blow” proves that Ke$ha has a sense of humor. Or, you know, just that she loves “Blow.” Also, unicorns. If you aren’t convinced yet, she calls me James Van Der Douche and he calls her Ke-dollarsign-ha. Also, James Van Der Woodsen (There’s an idea. Has he guest-starred on Gossip Girl yet?) is looking kind of hot. WHAT?!? It’s not his fault Dawson was a whiny emo sad face. I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MORE, PACEY.

And that concludes this week’s episode of Things I Like on the Internet.


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