Things I Like On The Internet

20 Feb

These are Things I Like on the Internet, a new slice of life here on Dear Mr. Postman. I’ll try to put this up on Sundays. Like the name implies, these are things, that I like, that are on the internet. You may like them too. Maybe you won’t. Deal with it.

So you heard about how Huck Finn is being updated, right, to remove certain words from the text so that it now reads “Slim Slave Jim.” Well, these people have a much better suggestion: robots. Robots are always a better suggestion. (Kickstarter)

So you saw that pie chart of how many times in the past year the New York Times Book Review published books by men versus women (the answer is a lot more). Eileen Myles is a poet and she has some things to say about it and I like the things she has to say and whether or not you like them, this is an interesting (and beautiful) read (includes the pie chart for your perusal pleasure) on being female and writing in general and poetry and maybe just life. (The Awl)

Also (related to the Eileen Myles article): if you’re wondering….well, how many more books a year do men write? This article answers that question. And raises a few others. It turns out Virginia Woolf was right, way back when– it really is about having a room, and the quiet to concentrate in that room. (Vida)

Did you understand Jeff Bridges in True Grit? ‘Cause I pretended I did and it was a lie. (YouTube)

Channing Tatum sounds like a KICK: and I would have thrown up after the second tequila shot. Maybe the third. (GQ)

This woman could be a ninja: get in, get out, slam your co-host’s manhood on air, keep a straight face. (Huffington Post)

Aaaaaaaand here’s a follow-up, also from Australia. If our Today show was like this, I would probably watch it. And by like this, I mean had more penis jokes. (Huffington Post)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you this week.




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