Dear People Standing in Line with Me

19 Jan

Dear People Standing in Line with Me,


I know I look like magic will happen if you can only touch my tempting hair, back, and hips, and I’m not saying that it won’t, but IT DOESN’T WORK WITH STRANGERS IN LINES at the airport, grocery store, Rite-Aid, or movie theater.

So back the hell up, keep your hands at your sides, and lower your voice.  Unless you’re telling a juicy story, then I want to hear it.  Speak up and use names.

Don’t make me start carrying a hula hoop in order to demonstrate the proper boundaries of personal space in public places.  I’ll do it, I swear.



One Response to “Dear People Standing in Line with Me”

  1. Katie 19 January 2011 at 7:31 pm #

    You could get one of those hula hoops that fold up. You would have to carry a giant purse but you could bring it with you whenever you’re going to be in public spaces and use it to demonstrate your point. That wouldn’t be weird at all.

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