Dear Mirror on Elevator Ceiling

6 Jan

Dear Mirror on Elevator Ceiling,

OH. MY. GOD.  Are you trying to make me think a spider-footed girl with brown hair is trying to kill me?

Because you almost got karate-chopped, mirror, you almost got cracked.

Yeah, I definitely went on the attack.  I certainly did not cringe and shriek when I saw vague movement above my head.

Just so all you ninjas know, that’s how I handle a surprise.  I ATTACK.



PS– Why does an elevator need a mirror in its ceiling?  Darn hard to check my lipstick in that thing.


2 Responses to “Dear Mirror on Elevator Ceiling”

  1. Carrie Moniz 23 February 2011 at 4:26 am #

    it’s a cleavage monitor

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