Dear Sweet Gooey Gumdrops

14 Dec

Dear Sweet Gooey Gumdrops,

Because I have a lasting stake in proving that I’m not a hater (ok, I’m kind of a hater), I thought I’d share something lovely with you all today.

First of all, if any of you are wondering whether it’s possible to write a 25 page paper in three days while hanging out with friends and playing board games (BANANAGRAMS!) and drinking wine every night, the answer is yes.  It might even have a coherent argument if you’re lucky / the most awesome paper-writer everrrrr.

Then you’ll spend Monday night dreaming about things you should have put in your paper (whether or not they had to do with the actual topic).  Then, in some sort of wonderful brain melt/rebellion, you’ll dream about puppies.  About walking into a barn (?) and up a ladder and opening a trap door and rescuing five jolly, round, cuddly, romping puppies from the barn loft and bringing them down to the outside world of grass where you can hug them.  They’ll be all different colors–red, and black and white, and brown, and all white, and all black (look, puppies are realistic in my dreams, ok?) and they’ll all be warm and fat.

Puppies should be fat.

So as I was thinking about puppies, my sister sent me this link to The Daily Puppy, because we too have a goldendoodle named Roxie.  Except we spell it with an “-ie” and also ours is cuter (duh).

She has curlier hair and longer legs.  When her hair grows out, she looks like a polar bear, and when it’s short, she looks like a lamb.  True story: I nannied for a two-year-old for a while, and when he first saw Roxie, he blurted out, “SHEEP!”

Out of the mouths of babes— She looked more like the sheep in his picture books than the dog that slept in his kitchen.

Let’s look at a picture:

Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light.

Next to her is her best friend Benny.  Benny kind of bumped his sister Phoebe out of Roxie’s best friend spot.  It was brutal.

Let’s look at more pictures:


So now I’m going to steal some of the comments from the other Roxy’s Daily Puppy post and pretend they’re for my Roxie, because they’re some of the nicest comments I’ve ever read on the Internet:

Roxy, you are such a darling girl, you are so cute and so very smart. What a nice pal you are too, with your doggie friends and family. Many many happy tugs of war for you and may you win over half of them. You are so cute and shaggy.

Beautiful, just really beautiful. And such a smart baby girl too. Kisses and hugs Roxy! I sure wish I could have a turn to play with you too! And I probably would not get a chance, cause I have three that would just love to play with you as well.

Aaaaand my personal favorite:

Roxy you look like a sweet little snuggle bunny.

Normally such things would make me throw up in my mouth, but it’s the holidays.  Also my critical thinking skills are broken.  Also I dreamt about puppies last night and was grumpy when I had to wake up.  Because really.



3 Responses to “Dear Sweet Gooey Gumdrops”

  1. Margosita 14 December 2010 at 11:03 am #

    I have recently become obsessed with getting a puppy.

    Even more recently (like, say, three minutes ago) have become obsessed with Goldendoodles. Because OHMYGOD THOSE FACES! And also because Goldendoodle is a ridiculous name, but these dogs are also known as Goldie Poos and Groodles. GROODLE. That is way too much fun.

    Thanks, a lot.

  2. MEA 14 December 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    I read your blog to Roxie and she smiled and jumped around (which she does alot anyway, but I am pretty sure she was thrilled to have you talk about her–and show PICTURES) in your blog. MEA

  3. MEA 14 December 2010 at 6:43 pm #

    REally, I lied. I just read it and she sat up really tall and listened to me the whole time, trying to make eye contact (which was tough because I was reading), then she scratched a lot! MEA

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