Dear Soup

8 Nov

Dear Soup,

You’re really just a way to get bread to my mouth.  Without feeling quite as guilty about it.

Not because I count carbs.  But because if I could, I would only eat bread.  Or bread-based products.  Carbs aka all my favorite foods:

  • waffles
  • pancakes
  • bread
  • sourdough bread
  • toaster waffles
  • biscuits
  • buns
  • croissants
  • chocolate croissants
  • bagels
  • rolls
  • butter rolls
  • cinnamon rolls

Also, I’m pretty sure that sometimes I eat soup because I want something warm (aka hot chocolate) but feel like I need something more substantial / adult than hot chocolate.

And I am always, always disappointed.  Always.  Soup = not hot chocolate.

Sigh.  It’s disappointing, but a fact nonetheless, and one I try to make myself face daily.

But thanks for trying anyway, soup.  I’m sorry I can’t accept you on your own terms.  We’re cool, right?



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