GUEST LETTER from EZ: Dear Boot Girl

2 Nov
So, EZ.

Tell us about yourself:

  Hmm.  Yes.  I see.  Well, then.  

  By all means, talk to us.  

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Dear Boot Girl,

Wow, what a sunny Seattle Tuesday today! I have to admit that I have a thing for blondes. And especially blondes in boots.  Those suede boots are nice. Yes, those are great (non-Ugg) boots. Actually those are FANTASTIC boots. Ok, maybe I just have a thing for boots and not you.  Girls should wear boots more often. Wait. It’s Fall now. Yes, the sandals will get their farewell flop into the closet and the boots will come out.

I’m writing because I want to compliment you on those chocolate brown boots but I was hesitant to interrupt you in the crosswalk – I didn’t want you to think I was a(nother) creepster in the streets. Or worse, ascribe my interest to a shoe fetish.

In hindsight, you probably already know how awesome your boots are because you probably love boots more than the average guy. And me. I’m clearly above average.  I’m sure you have more than a pair. My guess is that you have at least six. Three of which are the same in black, brown, and tan. Am I wrong? Do you think you have a problem? No? You’re a collector.  A connoisseur. Or a part-time cobbler?

I pondered over it— boots, not you-the-blonde (sorry)– in bed, the night before last.  Boots issues:

1) pants in or over the boot

2) dress vs shirt

3) how long does it take to get those jeans on

4) % of spandex in those pants

5) the image of a boot wearing woman.

I came up with this: broken down and decoded, boots are a wonderful contrast to the daggers of high heels , especially calf-high boots—- they project confidence, ruggedness, and a sense of adventure. A dress is for the adventurous. Jeans pair well for the rugged look but within the boot rather than over the top. But can you help me understand how you squeeze into those jeans?  Extra skin lotion? A high spandex blend? Or maybe you have me fooled with these?

A dress, jeans, or Pajama jeans, I still dig your boots. But tell me something – when it rains, do you wear those Gumby green rubber boots?  Because that’s a dealbreaker.  No matter how blonde you are.



3 Responses to “GUEST LETTER from EZ: Dear Boot Girl”

  1. Boot Girl 10 November 2010 at 11:09 am #

    Dear EZ,

    How flattering. I don’t believe anyone has ever written an anonymous internet letter to me or my boots before. I’m glad you categorize my boots as a collection, not an problem. That makes it easier to admit that I’m wearing some right now…as I did yesterday, and the day before.

    1) pants in or over the boot – Over (mostly). Except with dress pants and high heeled boots for the “I want to wear heels but I also want to wear socks” look
    2) dress vs shirt – Dress is more adventurous, I agree (or skirt like I’m wearing how). But shirt and pants for the laid back, rugged Seatteite look.
    3) how long does it take to get those jeans on – not long. It’s more of an art than a science. You’re making it way too complicated with the pajama jeans idea, but good try.
    4) % of spandex in those pants – enough to move with freedom but not enough to wrinkle at the knee (major faux pas)
    5) the image of a boot wearing woman – I’m gonna just leave that one alone.

    When it rains I wear one of my 6 pairs of regular boots until the “pouring” threshold is reached. Then I switch to one of my 2 pairs of practical rainboots/shoes; classic matte black rubber boots or waterproof shoes for when I don’t want rubber covering my entire lower leg. Dealbreaker or no, I’ve got to protect the 6.

    ~Boot Girl

  2. Margaret Michelle 10 November 2010 at 11:38 am #

    Boot girl! Thanks for speaking up for yourself! I’m a fan of boots myself, and I too believe in the power of dry feet in the rain…


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