Dear iTunes

21 Oct

Dear iTunes,

If you keep providing new, updated software, I will trash you so hard your head will hit the computer-icon garbage can and Steve Jobs will be all: “ow.”

Here’s the thing: I am what scientists call a “luddite.”  Which is a cool word, because it kind of sounds like graphite, and I like pencils.  Anyway: Who KNOWS how I write this blog.

I barely know how to make playlists.  And whenever Apple updates your graphics potential (pictures are graphics, right? right? oh whatever youknowwhatImean), it makes me realize I don’t actually have any pretty album covers or music videos, which just makes me feel hateful and uncool and ugly and like John Cusack circa 1989 will never love me.

And that hurts. So stop it.



2 Responses to “Dear iTunes”

  1. thegamingtramp 7 November 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    I love this! So my so that you have become the first ever blog I have subscribed to. Yay! I found your page as a result of me having composed my very own letter to iTunes. Slightly more offensive and a lot more sweary than yours but you may sympathise with my frustrations. Come and have a read!


  1. Dear B.J. Novak « Dear Mr. Postman - 25 October 2010

    […] me out, ok?  We both really hate the way iTunes continually upgrades.  I wrote that letter before I watched you hosting the Webby awards.  I have no way to prove that […]

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