Dear Woman in a Scuba Suit at Whole Foods

20 Sep

Dear Woman in a Scuba Suit at Whole Foods,

I like to dive for my fresh fruits and vegetables, too.

And that reminds me of one of my favorite pop culture moments ever, so thank you for that.

I’ve heard scuba suits are really comfortable, actually, if they fit right, what with all that stretch and lycra and all.  Maybe I should look into getting one to wear around the house.  Like a snuggie, but more tailored, and with a back that closes so I don’t have to wear anything under it.

And yes, I was at Whole Foods solely to sample the grapefruit gelato and go on my merry way.  What?  I didn’t have any money with me, since I was really there to drop a postcard in the mailbox, conveniently located on the Whole Foods corner.  It’s a Monday.  I need any kind of treat I can get.  The 2 True Blood discs in my mail was pretty good, too.  Now all I need is someone else to cook me dinner…




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