Dear Crazy Yoga Lady

11 Sep

Dear Crazy Yoga Lady,

When I set an intention for my practice, it’s usually something along the lines of, “Patience…with my inflexibility, my inability to get to yoga more regularly, the fact that my to-do list is not complete for today.” Or: “Tolerance….for how weak my arms are and how tight my hamstrings are.”  Or: “Quiet. Seriously, mind, just shut it for like ten minutes, ‘k?”

It’s not generally, as you suggested today, “Achieving peace for the world” or “Ending hunger with my yoga practice.”  That just seems a little overambitious, you know?  Like putting more pressure on myself and my downward dog than is needed?  I mean, I get that yoga can be very healing, but lady!  I’m here to workout and take some stress off my mind and body, not save the world!  Mostly, actually, I’m here so I don’t feel guilty for not going to yoga.  I just don’t think “triangle pose” has the kind of breadth and depth needed for global impact.  In fact, it seems to stay rather limited to my little rectangular mat…

Also, forgive me for the face I made during class.  I’m not used to hearing the word “genitalia” in the middle of yoga.  I’ll try to be more prepared next time.



PS— I liked your bright orange harem pants.  I bet your genitalia could breathe real nice in their quest to save the children from war in those.


One Response to “Dear Crazy Yoga Lady”

  1. MEA 29 September 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    Made me laugh out loud! M.

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