Dear September Clouds in San Diego

8 Sep

Dear September Clouds in San Diego,

Well, hi….  I, um, didn’t expect to see you here.  Weren’t you….?  I mean, I came because I thought….?

Well.  This is awkward.  How…are things?  Good?  Yes, it has been a while.  I’ve been good, yes, keeping busy.  Well, yes, Sunshine and I have been hanging out, nothing serious, we are thinking about moving in together, but that’s kind of a convenience thing, you know, since I had to move anyway and all…it’s not like it’s a permanent arrangement….just a few years is all, we think, we’re not sure.

But!  Really great to see you!  Really.  You look good.  Nice even color you have there, and streamlined across the whole sky– you’ve been taking care of yourself.  Who could resist a little fling?  You do look so nice to cuddle up with for a short time.

(And the timing—- Sunshine just happens to be out of town.  I wonder…..maybe…..but no.  No. It takes awhile before the deeper problems show up, but they’re still there: the inertness, the paralyzing inability to move faster than “the wind dictates”—-sheesh, who even buys that crap…. takes awhile before your darkness truly shows its day-to-day weariness….Well! I hope your new girlfriend, whoever she may be, has an irrepressibly sunny spirit.  And) I truly am happy to see you— you’ll be in town just a few days?  Right?  Right???



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