Dear Lady Gaga

5 Mar

Dear Lady Gaga,

Sister, you are batshit crazy.  Your chiropractor must be well-paid, right? This is taking headgear to a whole new level. And your dermatologist? Definitely your podiatrist? Maybe your psychiatrist?

But here’s the thing. I think you, sweet bat wings, are not actually insane.  I don’t think you need the gimmicks, because clearly you’re talented, but they are obviously part of a PLAN. Possibly for intergalactic glory.  I’ve heard that you’ve admitted to megastardom aspirations. (Like Madonna and Michael Jackson, but possibly combined and thrown in a blender and then multiplied by a billion. Is it true you put every penny you earn back into your shows to make them as mind-blowing as possible?)

I actually watched one of your music videos the other day after it was called to my attention by Tamiko Beyer, blogging at Kenyon Review (yes, that’s a literary journal blog).  Tamiko pointed out that the Bad Romance video “is complex, disturbing, self-referential, and sexy.”  She also has some interesting analysis of the way you are using costume and performance to make your body a “site/act of creation and destruction at the same time” and how this speaks to our need to move past gender and sexuality–thoughts, Miss Gaga? Care to agree/disagree?  I think you’re shockingly pretty and I also am okay with it if you want to hide that behind masks, make-ups, glitters, and plastic.  Just because you’re attractive does not mean we have a right to look at you and enjoy that beauty.  But the insane layers and papier mache constructions seem uncomfortable. And requires an insane amount of dedication to something and I can’t help but feel that something is well-thought-out and strategic.  Also I still think I would wear a nicely tailored cotton dress to meet the Queen of England.

Anyway, I would call “Bad Romance” a “really potent creepy feminist” music video.  What can I say? I call it like I see it.  Not that it isn’t sexy.  Not that it isn’t complex.  But it’s also creepy and it’s definitely feminist.  You, my dear, are doing some fierce and intellectual and disturbing things here.  Whether or not you prance around in lingerie, this is not a Victoria’s Secret ad.  This is not playing to fantasies of dominance.  It’s taking them apart and twisting their guts and playing with the consequences.

Also, I bet when you’re at home you live in super-cover-up cover sweatpants and fleece and never wear make-up and maybe only flip-flops.  Maybe you go barefoot and your whole floor is covered in grass or sand.

Anyway, you’ve got our attention, Lady Gaga.  You’ve got the so-called cosmic microphone. Please continue to do something interesting with it.



PS– This one’s old but so worth another watch: Ciara’s “Like a Boy” video. DAMN GIRL. (Anyone want to teach me to dance like that?)

Other favorite (feminist) music videos?


2 Responses to “Dear Lady Gaga”

  1. Timmy Baumgart 12 May 2010 at 2:52 am #

    I really adore Lady Gaga with her odd dresses nevertheless she definitely let herself down now going out in see through undergarments.


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