Dear Taylor

2 Mar

Dear Taylor,

Today, on your birthday, I would like to say: I am glad I know you.  This is a relatively new thing, me knowing you, and it’s related to very special circumstances which we will remember the rest of our lives, barring a case of virulent amnesia.  We have, in fact, the most special, wonderful, ridiculous reason to know each other, which is that we are in poetry school. Also, now, in a very exclusive poetry motorcycle gang which consists of us wearing leather jackets to poetry readings and poetry classes and sometimes poetry dances (aka Friday nights).  Also we are in a cookie making club, which consists of you and I making cookies sometimes before, during, or after watching awesome/lame movies out of the 7-eleven RedBox DVD Rental. Also sometimes we watch Western movies together, but that’s sort of against our will, so we’ll put that aside for now. But all of these things came about because of poetry school.

But it turns out, dear heart, that we’re actually friends because of a lot of other reasons– which is better than just being poetry friends.  We are real friends (not just facebook or school friends).  We’re friends because we have sisters, and parents, and people we need to talk about to each other– not because we gossip, but because people are interesting and sometimes they need to be talked about with someone, and good days and bad days, and hugs. And senses of humor. And perspective. And sometimes when I just cannot get through class I reach out and poke you and you look at me with wide I KNOW eyes and I sigh super dramatically and then we continue on. So we both ground each other down and float each other up, and that’s a Very Nice Thing Indeed.

You are silly and optimistic and very, very kind to the people around you.  You tell funny stories and don’t take things too seriously (like yourself and me) but take some things very, very seriously (like words and fruit) and that is as it should be. You have curly hair and boots and funky jewelry.  (Stating those facts count as compliments.) And you read this blog, which is nice, because I know you’ll get this very public letter.  Also you’re a jukebox junkie and I like those things you play.

So. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAILOR! I hope it’s a good day and I’m glad I’ll be witness/participant in your coming year.




One Response to “Dear Taylor”

  1. taylor mardis katz 2 March 2010 at 1:00 pm #

    oh my goodness i am blushing and laughing and thank you! maggles! my maggles! a public birthday post on your blog. swoon. this is way better than red velvet cupcakes.

    thank you. really!

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