Dear Rainboots

20 Jan

Dear Rainboots,

Where oh where can my rainboots be? The Lord took them away from me…

ok, that sentence is considerably less creepy if you have “Last Kiss” by Wayne Cochran, made famous by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers, and later covered by Pearl Jam stuck in your head.

On the other hand, it’s still creepy.

AND I still don’t have any rainboots. I grew up in Seattle, folks, and while rainboots were UNCOOL from 3rd grade through high school (seriously they would have been useful what were we all thinking), they got cool and cute and trendy in college. UW sells purple rainboots with gold “UW” stamped all over them, that’s how much it rains in Seattle and how much UW likes to make money off of poor sweatshop girls in order to trend-ify its sorority sisters.

Mine were navy blue with lighter blue whales on them. I wore them so much they got a hole in them. Rainboots with a hole in them are not useful. I left them in Seattle when I moved to San Diego.

Guess what. It’s an El Nino year. Which means that it’s raining harder here in 24 hours than I think it ever did in Seattle in a 24 hour span of time. Except for that one day. Oh, and that other one. And all of Winter 2008. And yes, Winter 2007 too. Oh, and 2005…and spring 2003….

Ok, well, it’s RAINING HARD here. I want RAINBOOTS. No one has them. Either they don’t carry them (hellooooo it’s San Diego why would you need rainboots?) or they are sold out (helloooooo it’s San Diego during an El Nino year I was such a fool not to buy them back during the drought when there was a chance of them having my size).

And apparently there is another storm today. But TOMORROW–tomorrow!– there is yet another storm. And THAT STORM is going to put these last 3 storms to SHAME. Which, considering that lights went out on random blocks all across the city and streets were flooded and I saw a TREE ON A HOUSE that had pulled up not only its roots but also the entire parking strip of grass with it, is going to be no mean feat.

And, as my neighbor pointed out, means that we can all hole up and watch movies and not leave home and feel self-righteous instead of guilty about it. What a silver lining. Good thing there is now a redbox DVD rental half a block away. Too bad my feet will get wet in that half block and I will maybe also drown.

Cheers, tears, and raindrops,



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