Dear 2010 (New Year’s Resolutions)

2 Jan

Dear 2010 (New Year’s Resolutions),

First. Before we get into the meat of the list of things I may or may not accomplish in 2010 but really will have almost nothing to do with whether or not I decide to do them yesterday or today or six months from now.

What the hell is this decade called? The Teens? It sounds terribly appropriate, like maybe this is the era of Miley Cirus and Selena Gomez. Who I understand may or may not be in their teens. But who wants a decade dedicated to teenagers and their values/idols? (Gah gah I’m an adult. Weird.) What was this called back in the last century? Oh my god I have spanned two centuries. Someday I’ll be all, Back in 1990….and my grandchildren or you know, the neighbor’s children or the kids I find on the street after the apocalypse or whatever, will be all, “Shriek! 1990? What were bras like?” Just like we are about corsets. And horse poop in downtown streets. Did they even have streets in 1890?

Back on track:

1) I will do yoga twice a week. Why do I ever not do yoga? It’s like the most pleasant form of “exercise” ever invented. Hellooo people, stretch and feel your heart center and lie on your mat for fifteen minutes and breathe. The hardest part is not falling asleep. Unlike, say, running, where the hardest part is staying alive. Or swimming, where the hardest part is not drowning.

2) Write more.

3) Bitch less. (Not here. Herein lies my bitching place and so it is and it is good and so it shall be.)

4) Go see the ocean once a week. (Wow, these resolutions are awesome. The key is achievability. This might not be a good goal for you, if you live in Tucson or Denver or Pierre. Then your goal might be to “move someplace where I can go see the ocean once a week”.)

5) Cook. I would put a specific number on this– say, cook dinner three times a week– but I don’t like to fail. It makes me uncomfortable. I’m very Type A. Which brings me to…

6) Learn how to fail. Or at least, learn how to tackle something at which there is a good chance of failure. Like, play a video game. All those buttons. Only two thumbs. How do people do it? Except I really couldn’t care less about video games and certainly don’t care that I don’t know how to play them. But still. Learn how to fail.

7) Fail better. As in, even if I am still not wholly sure of this as fact, learn how to refer to myself as a “poet” rather than as a “poet-type-maybe-sort-of-person-sometimes” or a “student who studies poetry but you know the writing of it not just the reading” or “I wouldn’t call myself a poet, no, but I like poetry and sometimes I take classes and such it’s good times”. As in, keep trying.

8. Be more organized. Ha! Just kidding. Be less organized. No. That’s not going to happen. That’s beyond “good challenge” and into “goes against my nature”. Be more comfortable with other people’s disorganization. Yes. Or at least less audible about it.

Now I’m up to 8, which would normally mean I have to go up to ten. Might as well. But. In the spirit of resolution #8, which is really just about being more flexible (for all you people who just met me this year, I am practically a contortionist compared with how I used to be– my family can testify– (you know those five-year-olds who accidentally are little tyrants because they need their world to be just-so and to stay just-so consistently? I cried when my mom changed the curtains in our living room)– so appreciate y’all), I am going to stop at 8.

2010. Welcome. May you bring joy and movement and quietness in this time of constant noise. May you be peaceful with the fact that I’m going to call you oh-ten even though it makes almost no sense whatsoever. May you see the heralding of health care reform in America (seriously). May we adjust, quickly, to this new time of economics, and find a way to care for and support those who are struggling. Food. Housing. Health care. Education. Employment. Let us not forget the arts, let us forget the wars.

Good day, good year, and good luck,



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