Dear Coming Home

20 Nov

Dear Coming Home,

Well. I’ve been in Seattle less than 24 hours, been awake for less then 10 of those.

And the thing is, I’ve never visited Seattle as a person who does not live here. I have always lived here. I have never arrived on a plane and not been “coming home” from a “trip.”

Anyway, in those short hours that I’ve been here, I have: well ok first of all, I spent some serious time petting the dog. What can I say? She and I really like each other. I have also slept in my old bed, taken a shower in the shower I grew up taking showers in, been to Paseo like nobody’s business, and at the moment? At the moment I am wearing a softball sweatshirt from high school and sitting at the kitchen table where I grew up sitting when doing homework.

And it is pouring. POURING. And the grass is so so GREEN here. And when I went outside today I wore boots and a big scarf and a North Face jacket…I AM BACK, BABY.

I can actually hear the rain. Also, there’s a leafblower going in my neighbor’s yard. And bus #25 just went by. Oh, inner city suburbia.

And I’m going to my favorite Chinese restaurant tonight and tomorrow I’m going to study at Zoka. Anyway, the point is, it is both strange to be back and not strange whatsoever. And it is really, really nice to drive in a city without thinking about where I am going or the best way to get there.

Thanks for having me back, Seattle, and it’s nice to be home. Don’t worry, sunshine kids, my return ticket to the land of nice weather is nonrefundable. At the moment, my cities and I are all in this “open relationship” together.

So yes, it’s possible to come home again…and possible to miss the rain, be glad to see it, and be perfectly happy to know that I will see the sun again before May. And yeah, sometimes that’s a real question when you live in Seattle. But hellooooo green! Hello hello hello.





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