Dear Going on a Trip

17 Nov

Dear Going on a Trip,

How, exactly, do you involve quite so much work? So many lists, and so much Getting Things Done before I go?

Only to be repeated when I come back? There’s the laundry and the picking up my apartment so I don’t cry when I am tired and just off the plane when I return. There’s the cleaning out the refrigerator but also trying to make sure there is some kind of food in the house because when I come back, life does not stop to let me catch up and rest after my vacation. There’s the making dinner plans for tonight and tomorrow. Oh wait, that’s just normal. Um, there’s all the work I have to do before I go, and all the work I have to do while I am there, and all the work I have to plan to do when I get back. There’s not only watering my plant today, but figuring out who is going to water it while I am gone.

There is figuring out what to do with my car while I am gone and how to get to the airport and then how to get back from the airport and get my car. And laundry. Did I mention laundry?

There is also, by the way, figuring out what to pack for cold weather and rain. You do know that packing warm clothes takes up more space then just throwing some sundresses in a bag, right? That taking boots makes things heavier, as does taking a stack of books? Don’t tell me there are books where I am going; I need these books. And yes, I am going to do work while I am on my trip. First of all, I am determined. Second of all, I don’t really have a choice.

Taking 12 days for Thanksgiving in the middle of the semester doesn’t exactly mean those are 12 days off.

LIST. I need to make a list.

Adio, cheerio, bon voyage, make a list, ahh! my brain!



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