Dear Banana Tree

6 Nov
Maple Leaves

"The maples are nice, but it's effing cold." --picture and quote courtesy of GSavidge

Dear Banana Tree,

I didn’t know that your leaves would fray, tear, and turn color along the edges.

Now you bleed green into yellow into brown, tattered remnants of a giant unwieldy fan.

This– this?– is my sign of fall this year? That it is November? I am at once grateful for the continued warm weather and inherently, imperatively, body-confused. Where are the maple trees? The rain-lashed bus windows? The slick, gray sidewalks? Where are the rainboots in every store window and the turkey-colored landscape? The sky that is bluer than blue when it is cold, when it is startling in its sudden appearance after hiding for days?

This year, I go to fall rather than fall arriving with the start of the school year. Rain, I’ll meet you in Seattle…



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