Dear Pink Boat Shoes

29 Oct

Dear Pink Boat Shoes,

Oh, my lovely things. You would be so much more lovely if you didn’t give me blisters. That make me feel like my toes are ON FIRE.

I like fires. I like bonfires. I like sitting close to them on a cold night at the beach– I don’t even mind how one side gets terribly, uncomfortably hot as the other slowly chills from the wind off the ocean, or the smoke flying into my eyes with little smoky daggers, or the smell of seaweed drifting up from low tide, or the sand drifting determinedly into my pockets and my hair. It’s all part of the magic that a bonfire creates. (Hear that all you people that have said we could bonfire tomorrow? Don’t flake out! I will be sad! I think bonfires are magic! Bonfires with guitars and marshmallows are major magic!)

But on my toes? No, fires on my toes from blisters from my pink boat shoes will not do. Hear that, pink boat shoes? Shape up!

If I can wear you and ignore/embrace the hipster implications of such a thing, I expect you to do me a favor and caress not distress my feet.




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