Dear Girls in San Diego

17 Sep

Dear Girls in San Diego,

Your bra situation is out of control. I mean, props for wearing one…but you don’t need to be so proud that you show us.

Put the bras away. I’m not even talking about the boobs here. I’m hoping if you at least cover up the bra, the boobs will be marginally more covered. Bathing suits too– they’re called “bra top suits” for a reason folks, and that’s because unless you’re at the beach, they’re functioning as a bra, and should be treated as such, and as such should be PUT AWAY. UNDER YOUR SHIRT.

I don’t care if it’s San Diego, the entire city is not the beach. It is also not that hot here. It also cannot be that much cooler (temperature-wise) to have your bra hanging out and your shirt sitting below it. Or cut out around it. Or whatever it is that you’re doing. I don’t even know how you are showing that much bra when you are indeed wearing a shirt. It’s baffling.

I do know that I have seen a LOT OF BRAS PEOPLE and if I wanted to see your bra I would tell you. I’m just straightforward like that.

For shame. Get on the classy train. Tickets are free.


PS– If I can see your pockets– if they are below your shorts– your cut-offs are too short. Just a thought.


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