Dear Living Alone

6 Sep

Dear Living Alone,

So. We finally meet. You’re not that bad. In fact, I kind of like you.

Except for two days ago, when I dropped a lightbulb and there was no one to say, “Careful! Watch your bare feet. I’ll get the vaccuum!” (I said it to myself) and today, when I couldn’t open my olive oil. This was my punishment for buying Ralph’s brand olive oil: thirteen minutes hacking at a plastic top that kept spinning in place with a steak knife, pulling at the one hacked-off edge with a wrench, wrestling with the whole things with a kitchen towel, going back to the wrench, then the knife, then the towel, and then (obviously!) spilling olive oil all over the counter when the damn thing just popped itself right off! And now it won’t go back on.

Except for those things (and more I’m sure to come) I think you and I will get along quite nicely. I like my little armchair by the window, where I can hear but not see the bus, and I like using the bathroom whenever I want to without realizing that somebody’s already in there and I will have to wait. The ceiling fans keep me nice company, and I never come home to surprise-dirty-dishes. In fact, I never come home to surprise anything. My little studio apartment with the big kitchen and difficult olive oil is always just the way I left it.

I would take a picture and show it, but it’s mine all mine for the moment and I like it like that. Maybe later I will feel like sharing. And there are still some boxes (!) which is just intolerable for a first public viewing. Or maybe I will never share and everyone will just have to imagine the books lining the walls along the floor because I have no bookcases and the cheerful red-and-white-floral lamp that presides over my bed and the sun slanting in across open poetry notes on the kitchen table.

Yes, I think we’ll do just fine, me and living alone. In fact, I think I’ll keep you for the time being. How’s that sound?




5 Responses to “Dear Living Alone”

  1. kristendoc 8 September 2009 at 10:18 am #

    I love it and am sooo excited for you! I want to see pictures even if you decide not to share them with the world (your readership)!!

  2. margaret michelle 9 September 2009 at 7:37 am #

    It’s almost cute! I mean, it is cute, but it’s almost put-away-cute! Maybe you should come visit and then you will see it….I’m just saying…at all angles not the limited camera angles…and then you can feel it (the warmth I mean and the ocean, not the apartment. Nothing much to feel here except breezes coming in the window and deliciously cold tile beneath your feet in the bathroom).

  3. Jesse G 10 September 2009 at 2:14 pm #

    Don’t get too used to “Living Alone”. She (you would probably call it a “he”) may be comforting now and provide you with just what you want, your own space, your own rules, your own bathroom, no one else to answer to. But She’ll turn her back on you as soon as you need something more… you can watch TV with her, you can have dinner with her, she’ll go on walks with you, She’s a much better listener and won’t talk your ear off, but she’ll never ask you how your day was or respond with kind words to your incessant rants about something that annoyed you. She’ll never kiss you good night or make you coffee in the morning. And be careful, because when you live with someone, you can start to take on the traits of the other person… you might start behaving like “Living Alone”.

    But if you ever need a break from “Living Alone”, you are always welcome at our house. “Living Alone” is rarely there if ever, and we don’t really see her cousins “So Quiet”, “Nothing Going On”, “No one to talk to”, or “Lonely night”. So come on by!


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