Dear Grocery Shopping While Hungry

13 Aug

Dear Grocery Shopping While Hungry,

You, my friend, are a baaaaaaaaaaaaad idea. You are responsible for the container of tzatziki sauce in my refrigerator. And my spending 20 minutes in the cookie/chips aisle at Whole Foods. I didn’t buy anything.

You know why? Not amazing shows of will power. No. Because I also did this yesterday. And bought chips, and popcorn, and two Theo chocolate bars, which I highly recommend, and two kinds of fresh bread (brioche and sourdough sliced). And Classic Creme cookies, which are Oreos but made by Back to Nature, which means they’re organic. Because Whole Foods doesn’t carry real Oreos. Duh.

Yesterday, it was a legitimate search for dinner which led me down the aisles doing the hungry dance. I ended up with tequila lime salmon burgers (delicious) and the above-mentioned unnecessary items. Also high-quality beautiful local Stumptown coffee, and by local I mean from Sumatra (Gayo Mountain, obviously). Also Wallaby yogurt. And a few other things that I can’t think of at the moment.

Tonight, it was queso fresco. Oh, queso fresco. So queso. So fresco. And after the queso fresco, it was eggs (hey! I needed those!) and corn tortillas— you see, I was making chilaquiles. Which doesn’t quite explain the tzatziki, or the pre-marinated beef ribs, or the can of tomatoes and the onion I bought. And no, those things do not make a meal.

I guess I should clarify when I say above that “I didn’t buy anything,” what I mean is, “I didn’t buy anything from the cookie/chips aisle. Tonight. Because I already did that yesterday.” I still spent 20 minutes in it, my fingers itching to pick something up, my stomach yelling YES, my brain saying sadly, you did this yesterday…you have this, that, and yep, that at home.

Anyone else hungry? I think I’ll go make a snack.

Maybe some queso fresco on popcorn. Ooh.



PS– I’m filing this under Fan Mail. Because that’s what it is. The only problem is that as you grocery shop, you get more hungry, because you’re not eating. Unless you are. Sometimes I eat a banana while I grocery shop, like a 2-year-old, to keep myself from getting cranky and crying in the middle of the produce section because I can’t find a good apple.

But the point is, generally you’re not eating, and you were already hungry, and that makes you (me) indecisive, and so it takes even longer, and you get more hungry, until you get home and eat everything that isn’t meat raw because you can’t be bothered to wait for the pan to heat up. Or you give up entirely and eat toaster waffles. Totally legitimate, by the way. Go for it.


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