Dear Hibiscuses

9 Aug

Dear Hibiscuses,

I’ve always loved a good hibiscus. I mean, why not?

Beautiful, aren't they?

Beautiful, aren't they?

They’re bright, bold, beautiful, and delicate, and they’ve got such wonderful green foliage to boot.

There’s also a drink called Hibiscus, or occasionally Hibisci (pronounced hi-bis-kai) for those of us who have fun with plurals and believe strongly in the change of octopus to octopi. I have never heard it/a pitcher of them called Hibiscuses. No.

Recipe for Hibisci

some cranberry juice

some champagne

So simple you probably don’t even have to write it down. Special thanks to E, who doesn’t read this blog, for the idea/recipe/concept/beautiful revolution to brunch/savior to women with UTIs. I mean, if cranberry juice helps, the champagne can’t hurt, right?!

Mostly I just wanted to put up the picture. For the color. You’re welcome.




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