Dear Design of Dear Mr. Postman

7 Aug

Dear Design of Dear Mr. Postman,

I was feeling the need of some color. I’ve been reading some beautiful things on the interwebs (internally beautiful and externally so) and they were making me feel that Mr. Postman here was a little lacking in hue. (Though not in Hume. He can stay off as far as I’m concerned.) (I reserve the right to change my mind.) (Who knows what I’ll want to write about next week?)

So I got busy with my google search and found a webpage on how to use Photoshop– which I have on my old computer and not my new one, for the very simple reason that I don’t know how to switch it over–the bigger question might be why I have it all, since I haven’t the foggiest idea how to use it and it makes me stressed every time I open it– and with this webpage open on my new computer, and Photoshop open on my old one (I wanted to read and use at the same time!) I got busy with my “header image.”

That’s right; I said it.

The point is, now there is yellow at the top of the page (I am not going to tell you how long it took). (I could have made like dozens of batches of cookies instead.) Though I suppose if I decide I don’t like it (the yellow) in the next 24 to 72 hours, most if not all of you will never even see it. And then this whole letter will go to naught. Be for naught?

I don’t know.

And what I also don’t know is how to use Photoshop or design websites (or let’s be honest, even use idiot-proof blog templates because I am a luddite).

Or really, how to buy my space from WordPress were it ever to become popular enough to justify such a move. And certainly I would not know what to do were I to have an upgrade like that– doesn’t that mean more options??? Gah.

But I could put in a whole background color! And that might be nice. Simple is good, but color is good too.

And I also will post pictures? Maybe? That would add a little somethin’somethin’.

Anyway, I gave up and added a new page, About MM (me) because that I do know how to do and though no one has asked, I am sure you are all wondering what I think about life and myself (since I never share those thoughts anywhere else…)

I am going to end this parentheses-heavy letter now and maybe make some cookies. If anyone wants to offer me help with my design woes (opinions or actual “how-to” hands-on guidance), please please please offer! I would not deny you such a pleasure.

And I will give you cookies.

And if you hate the yellow, just say so. Nicely. (I thought about doing animal print instead? But photoshop doesn’t have “zebra” or “tiger” or “cheetah” or even “giraffe” in its color wheel/square/thing/jiggamabob. I know, right?)



PS– Now it’s vintage pink instead of yellow! Yes! …No?


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