Dear Half-Shaved (Female) Heads

16 Jul

Dear Half-Shaved (Female) Heads,

So at least 2 of my friends went through stages wherein they wanted to shave their (female) heads, and I was…not supportive. I mean, their heads and hair grows back and all that, but overall there’s no way to pretend that I was encouraging. Or even neutral.

However. When you’re a celebrity and exempt from normal people issues (like feeling weird at the grocery store without hair or having a bad no-hair day or finding out you have a bumpy head or really awkward features when they are not framed by hair which is probably most of us, it’s nothing to feel ashamed about…or really mostly just me having to hear about those things) and you kind of have mythical creature status because you’re a rockstar/model and the only times I ever see you, you look pretty hot because you’ve been styled out the kazoo and you’re prepped for photogs…then you get to do things like shave your head.

Kind of hot, no? (image from

Kind of hot, no? (image from

And surprise me when I find it oddly hot in a very retro punk kind of way. Which we all know is the best kind of way to be hot right now. For those of us who can pull it off, which is not me. (I’m getting my haircut today and I’m trying to maintain a firm grip on reality. Which is to say not only am I not shaving half my head, I am also trying to remember that I do not have straight, fine hair and should not ask to look like people who do). The point is, “Cassie” as a “singer” can pull it off and so can Alice Dellal as a model over here.

Alice Dellal doesn’t get quotes because she has a real name, with a first one and a space in between and then a last one. Cassie, on the other hand, missed the essential part of becoming a one-name sensation, which is to choose something kind of unusual so when I talk about her, people don’t think I’m referring to my old writing teacher or the neighbor’s dog or that girl in my class who once got chewing gum in her hair. Which, come to think of it, might be why “Cassie” now has a half-shaved head.

And then! I saw some girl walking around the outdoor mall the other day with SHORT hair and a half-shaved head and it was CUTE. And she was wearing a sheath dress and sandals, like she had just been working at J.Crew or good old Banaaaana Republic. So real life, not so punk rockstar, more working preppy shopgirl with a half-shaved head. So a High Five for her.

Really, no, I’m not tempted, just surprised and admiring, and actually, I like the short-hair twist on things better. Especially of us real people. Probably this will pass in a month or so.

My approval, if not the trend. Trends so rarely end when I think they should.

With just a little bit! of punk envy,



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