Dear Disney Dreams

11 Jul

Dear Disney Dreams,

When we were little, my older sister K wanted to grow up to be Tigerlily.

Now, I started thinking about this because I’ve been working on an evaluation project that involves going through THOUSANDS of public school children’s surveys and let me tell you, there is a LITTLE GIRL NAMED TIGERLILY in the United States RIGHT NOW.

And she has won the cool name contest out of thousands. Hands Down. No contest.

Anyway, so when we were little, K wanted to grow up to be Tigerlily. Or an angel or a cheerleader, but that’s beside the point. (The angel one made my parents a little nervous).

When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be Peter Pan. Keep in mind I had a good role model for this, adoring as I did the real people version of the movie, starring Mary Martin who was fun and charming and could fly and sing and dance and crow, and was absent the later sexual energy between Peter and Wendy, as represented in Disney’s 2005 real people version, which I also highly recommend.

So it’s not as weird as it might seem. Except that I also kind of wanted to be Captain Hook. But that came later. It was less of a dream of “When I grow up I want to be…” as that when I was doing musical theater camp in the summer (duh), and the chosen production was Peter Pan, I knew– and I maintain this today– that as an actor, it is more fun to play the villain.

I got cast as Smee.

Moving right along…the thing is, I knew early on that the whole princess thing was kind of boring. Though I did figure out that servants were always the nice ones who turned out to be the most beautiful and kind and adored (Cinderella, Snow White, even Beauty started with books and hauling water for her crazy father). So following this logic, when I played Dress-Up with K or my neighbor who had a crazy, crazy trunk full of store-bought princess gowns, I always wanted to be the servant.

But– oddly– we never reached the part of the game where they admitted that they were the spoiled brat ugly stepsisters and fell to my feet in apology and worship.

So that kind of sucked.

I also totally wanted to be the sexy mouse in Fievel Goes West. She wore sassy saloon clothes! And was feistier than the human heroines.

The foxes in Robin Hood were pretty foxy too.

Oh, the weird implications that Disney has woven into all of our lives…

Bless it!



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