Dear Lindsay Lohan

18 May

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

All right, love, it’s past time.

The Fug Girls have said it well here, here, here, and here.

But now it’s time for my two cents: it’s business time. Buckle down, eat some doughnuts, wash them down with a milkshake, hand anybody some twenties to buy you some clothes (trust me, it’ll be an improvement), and show up on time, every day for your next role.

Maybe give Tina Fey a call and see if she’ll give you a hug.

And that guy from Man v. Food– he’ll give you some restaurant recommendations– and maybe Stacy and Clinton too.

In short, it’s time to give yourself just a little love and respect. You were so loooovely in Mean Girls.

All the best- really!- it’s time to start!



One Response to “Dear Lindsay Lohan”


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