Dear Expatriates

7 May

Dear Expatriates,

I hope your travels are going well.

I wish that you are baking good bread and eating it slowly; buying your meat, cheese, and produce at different stores along the same street on your way home; living in old building with windows that open outwards.  I wish that you are learning new curse words and listening anew to old ones spoken with funny accents; that you hear church bells ring each hour; or birdcalls sound each morning.  I wish for you new kinds of soft cheeses and a voice for yelling at futbol games and a willingness to drink your coffee black.

Learn your new country’s language and system of government and computer keyboards and twisty or straightforward streets.  Learn one neighborhood well and the feel of your bed and the sound of night, morning, and midday.

Then forgive us, reclaim us, remember how you loved American authors and holidays as a child.

Come home.  Teach us what you know.




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