Dear Nice Things

1 May

Dear Nice Things,

You were quite the strong  presence on my walk with the dog today.  To be fair, she is a very nice dog and it is a very nice day.

I passed 2 schools just letting out for the day, complete with droopy-flagged elementary-aged crossing guards.   I passed approximately 11 dogwoods in full bloom, one lilac tree, dozens of those crazy green alien flowers that I’ve never seen before this year, one girl riding on the handlebars on her dad’s bike over the grass in the park, one little boy complaining about having to wear his shirt, and I saw no crows even though it is trash day.

In the background, I could hear the metallic clink of bats busy batting.

On 1 shady porch slept a father with a newborn baby in his arms, feet propped up on a wicker stool.

And 1 little girl ran up to her white picket fence just as I was passing and said:

“When you jump, you fly a little bit.”

Which is a very nice thing indeed.




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