Dear Leafblowers

22 Apr

Dear Leafblowers,


It is a lovely, cold, rainy spring day, and I am TRYING to visualize myself back to yesterday, or forward to some imaginary day in the future when I will again see blue sky…and tulips swaying in the wind…soft breezes making the ice in my water dip and clink…the bright design of a beach towel draped over my arm…I can almost smell the grass under my feet…


OFF damn thing, OFF I say.

This, actually, goes for all seasons.  And yes, I can still hear it idling.  All the way, you can do it, come on little guy, you don’t need your big bad noise-making machine to be a man…Just think what big arms you could have if you used a RAKE!  And then we could call you a rake, too, if you wanted, just like Rhett, and wouldn’t that be sexy.




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