Dear Sick Children

26 Mar

Dear Sick Children,

I feel for you, I really do. And in fact, yesterday you did a moderate to excellent job of covering your mouths when you coughed and wiping your noses on disposable paper (toilet, paper towels) and throwing it away afterward.

However. Being sick, and children, your cuddle instincts increased, sort of like how in the summer gnats swarm right at face level. And because it’s winter, and I’m sick, it’s sort of like how when it’s so hot in the summer you sweat and the gnats seem to stick to your face.

Every time you coughed or sneezed, I could feel it sticking to my face. Unnecessary, dear children. I know you feel bad, I do. I feel bad when I’m sick. I have the sinking feeling I’m about to have a lot of empathy for your plight.

Although my enthusiasm for summer remains undiminished.




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