Dear Massage Therapy

17 Mar

Dear Massage Therapy,

Ahhhhh. Every insurance provider should insure this is provided.

Imagine how much less road rage there would be. See the blood pressure and hypertension drop. Watch the divorce rate plummet. Good-bye ulcers and migraines and emotional breakdowns…

See us all walking around like we live in a 1970’s nudist colony. (What, don’t you picture them smiling?)

I think Pres. Barack Obama would totally get behind this for the national health care plan. Because it’s coming soon, right? Right?

Jill Biden would be all over a spa day. Hell, Joe Biden would snuggle between those massage table sheets and heated blankets like a cat settling into the place you planned to sit. All smug and endearing at the same time. Until he hacks up a hairball.

And with that…




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