Dear Slogans

11 Mar

Dear Slogans,

I would like to nominate two outstanding candidates for your consideration, wider community of Attempted Occasionally Successful Mostly Not Catchy Slogans:

Nominee #1: “It’s okay to look.”

It’s simple.  It’s short.  It’s…sweet?  Ok, so perhaps it encourages behind the back peeking– that is, looking around when you’re not satisfied with your significant other.  (I prefer to think primarily in the vein of “If you like pina coladas.”  And look how that worked out.) Mostly, though, I think this slogan, this reassurance you might say, is for all of us out there who think online dating is, well, just difficult to admit we’re interested in/doing.  It has a certain stigma still attached to it . (But that’s rapidly diminishing!  It is!  Almost gone!)  In which case, these four simple words are permission: go ahead.  Look.  See who’s here.  If they’re here, it can’t be weird/embarrassing/desperate.  Because we’re all here together.  Just try it once.  It’s kind of like peer pressure.  Or the way your mom used to try to get you to eat vegetables.

Nominee #2:  “It’s all about the O.”

Ha.  Dirty.

All the rest of you slogans suck, essentially, when compared to those two.




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