Dear New Friend

31 Jan

Dear New Friend,

Of course I’ll be your Facebook friend!  I thought it was really great to meet you too.  When Mutual Friend A said that you liked running/poetry/vampire movies/coffee/breathing, I hoped you’d come out with us sometime.

I  cannot believe you like lattes too and that you’ve read Eat, Pray, Love.  It’s like we’re supposed to be friends!

I would love to hang out.  We could go exploring the city together, maybe on bikes, or I’m trying to start running so we could do that, or we could go see this new vampire movie that I heard is really, really good.  It’s Swedish, I think.  Or Norwegian.  (Something foreign and indie.  Please be my friend.)  Or we could just go for a walk.  Or play kickball.  I’ve been wanting to go to the Seattle Art Museum and see the exhibit there.  And I think there’s a band playing somewhere on some night this week.

My boyfriend’s out of town this week, so my schedule’s pretty open.  I would ask Mutual Friend A if she wants to come too, but actually, last night was the first and only time I’ve seen her in two months.  She’s really busy.  And I only work part-time, and most of my college friends moved to New York, so yeah.  I AM SO LONELY. Whenever!  I’m around!



PS– Oh my god, who have I become?  Did I really just hit send?

[Note: I would just like to say, this is a note common to many.  Many, many people I know have sent this note, or more accurately a version of it, over the last year.  Not just me.  Lots and lots of people.  I’ve talked to them.  I know them.  I’ve received this note.  I love getting these notes.  I love new friends.  It is hard to meet people in this city and you have to grab the ones you like and hold on. Not in a creepy way.  I make no excuses.  Only explanations.  And it’s not just me.  I swear.  Many, many people.]


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